End of Father’s Day Thoughts

FathersDay-2015I saw this quote on one the PRC bulletins today and thought I would end this Father’s Day with these words from one of our pastors. May they serve to remind us fathers of the influence we have on our sons and daughters. May we be men who pray for the grace to so prepare them for life in God’s church and kingdom.

The future elders, pastors, deacons, mothers, leaders of the people of God are your children. Our calling is to equip them, to equip them mentally, spiritually, in every department of their life.

You see, a father is much more than just getting a card on Father’s Day and getting a hug from your kid.

You have been entrusted with the nurture of God’s children. One day that little boy will be someone’s husband.

One day that little girl is going to be someone’s wife. You must nurture them that they may stand in this world strongly confessing, “God is my God,” and living to the glory of God in all that they do.

Whose task is that? That is your task, father. …

Instruct your son in what he is to be, as a man. The world is also going to try to teach your son what a man is. …Behind the advertising and TV is a philosophy, a teaching. Today the definition of a man is: how many women can he fornicate with? Or his car – he makes all the girls take a second look as he passes by? Fathers, you must instruct him that that is not a man. That is a vain show. You must instruct him that a man of God has integrity and honesty and is virtuous and faithful.

~ Rev. Carl Haak (Pastor of Georgetown PRC, Hudsonville, MI)

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