PRC Archives: Mystery Church Bulletin

For this Thursday – PRC archive day! – we post a bulletin recently found in some materials we are sorting.

I have edited the cover, removing the name and information of this PRC, but left you the image of the impressive structure. I have to admit I did a “double take” when I saw it, wondering if I was reading the cover correctly. But I have confirmed from those who know that this was indeed one of our PRCs (I SO want to give you a hint here, but I will refrain.).


I have also scanned the inside and present that to you intact. The announcements and names in the bulletin will be your hints. You will recognize some of them. Now you just need to make the proper association.


Have fun with this one! I will eagerly anticipate your replies. 🙂

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  1. Well, it is obviously a church in Michigan.
    The CH3 phone numbers mean that it is in the GR area, so not Hudsonville, Holland, or Grand Haven.
    It is not Hope.
    It is obviously not First.
    That leaves Creston, Second, or Fourth.
    Creston was vacant that summer, so it could not have a minister going on classical appointment. So I’ll guess it is Fourth.


  2. I found it!


  3. Fourth PRC, I did have a help to answer this question. The names in the bulletin I zeroed in on and found them in an anniversary book.! Fun.!!!


  4. This is a picture of Fourth Church which is now Southeast PRC.
    I was a member there along with my family before and after I was
    married. Our son Rick was baptized there. It was and still is on the
    corner of Kalamazoo Ave and Orville St in Grand Rapids. Marilyn
    Wiersema is my sister.


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