Prayer for the Church – M.Bucer and P.Melanchthon, 1543

Grant also to us all, who here in thy sight come together in thy Word, prayer, alms, and divine sacraments, that we may truly come together only in thy name, and in the name of thy dear Son, that we may take hold of thy divine law and holy gospel with true faith, that dying daily more and more to ourselves, we may wholly give over ourselves to thy dear Son, our only Savior, who alone through his stripes and most bitter death hath redeemed us from sins and eternal damnation, hath restored us into thy favor through his resurrection and heavenly kingdom, hath called us into himself in his congregation, and hath planted into himself unto everlasting life, and made us his own members, that we should live more and more in him, and he in us, that thy holy name may be more largely sanctified by us in all our life and all our doings, that thy kingdom may be amplified by us, and in others, that at length all things may be done among us upon earth, with such promptness and cheerfulness as they are done in heaven. And for this purpose, that we may wholly live for and serve thee, give us also our daily bread. Amen.

prayersofreformers-manschreckTaken from another little gem found in the library of Prof.David J. Engelsma (and which I took home for the weekend), Prayers of the Reformers, compiled by Clyde Manschreck and published by Muhlenberg Press in 1958 (p.58). Manschreck notes that this precious prayer was “originally from [the Reformers] Bucer and Malanchthon” with a date of 1543.

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  1. What is needed in our day.


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