PRC Archives – 1934 Field Day at Johnson Park

Our PRC archives item comes late – and plain – today. While doing some research and browsing old First PRC (Grand Rapids, MI) bulletins, I came across this notice in a plain June 17, 1934 bulletin (I re-type it just as it appeared – with one exception.).

The Annual Field Day of the Prot. Ref. Churches will be held July 4 at Johnson Park, Grandville, Mich [Yes, that Johnson Park!]. Come and spend an enjoyable and profitable day with us. Young people, we also expect to see you there. The fare is 20 cents [I can’t find that symbol on my keyboard anymore!] round trip. Children will be transported in moving vans and trucks free. those persons who are unable to purchase tickets, but desire to spend the day with us can obtain a free ticket, as there are about 200 of these tickets to be distributed in our congregation. Tickets will be on sale in the church basement on the evenings of June 19-22 between 7:30 and 9 P.M. The free tickets will also be there. Busses will leave the church at 9 A.M. o’clock sharp.

That’s it. No pictures to look at. No pristine bulletin to examine. Just a brief notice of the 1934 PRC Annual Field Day.

But, I am open to any pictures you may have of this event. Or of Johnson Park in 1934.

And while we are on this subject, do you recall me mentioning one of these before and wondering if we ought to revive this idea? Shall we at least have a discussion? I rather like the idea. Maybe while all the young people are at convention. 🙂

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