PRC Archives – Unidentified Photo with Rev.M. Schipper

Yes, indeed, it is time to try another mystery photo for our PRC archive feature. Only this time, I too am mystified by this mysterious photo out of the photo cabinet.

We have a folder in that cabinet marked “unidentified photos”, and this is one of them. Now, it seems to be of some PRC Consistory, and one of the men is clearly a minister (front and center) – and he is not mysterious. We can identify him as Rev. Marinus Schipper – in his younger years, perhaps even in his first congregation.

But I would love to have my readers help me identify the rest of the men. Two of them look quite familiar, so I am hoping you can identify them. And, along with that, of course, the church that is represented here. Through the link I gave you, which includes the churches Rev.Schipper pastored, we can at least narrow down the Consistory – must have been a smaller church (Grand Haven, MI?).

If you can provide me some names and a church, I would be most pleased. Thank you in advance!


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  1. Chuck,
    Re your mystery picture. I looked in the 25th anniversary book. On page 34 there is a photo of Grand Haven consistory. On it there is an R. De Young which is a dead-ringer for the man in the middle. There is also a N. Yonker which could be your man on the left. Also an A. Peterson which resembles the man on the right (only w/o glasses). It is a stab in the dark but certainly possible.
    Rev. R. Miersma


  2. […] Thanks to some alert and knowledgeable readers, we are able to identify all of the men in the mystery photo from last week Thursday. […]


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