A Funny Friday PRC Fish Story – Rev.H. Hoeksema and D.Feenstra

Recently, through a widow in his congregation, the pastor of our Hope PRC in Redlands, CA passed along a funny fish story involving Rev. Herman Hoeksema and Mr. Donald Feenstra (now in glory) back in 1956. Though it partly belongs to our Thursday PRC archives feature, today we make it part of our “Friday fun.”

First, here is the background to the letter of Rev.H. Hoeksema that appears below (from Don’s widow, Mrs. Janice Feenstra):

Rev. H[oeksema] was visiting here with his wife, and Donald said he would catch some trout for their dinner.  He couldn’t catch any that day, and they had to leave. So after they were back in Michigan Donald bought a can of sardines, took off the label, and made his own label saying it was a can of trout. He sent it by mail to Rev. and Mrs. Hoeksema. That’s what the letter was about. It shows his (their) sense of humor. Donald was 18 in 1956….

That mailed can of “trout” to Rev.Hoeksema received this great reply by way of letter – posted here (click on it to enlarge):


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