A “Deceased” PRC – But With Visible, Living Fruit

That is how a former member of a now-disbanded PRC church described her. Yes, perhaps this congregation is “deceased”. But I can tell you, she still has visible, living fruit – a testimony to the work of our risen, living Lord and His life-giving Spirit! And this man is one of them!

I have some pictures to share with you of this congregation’s building at the time that she purchased it. All for the low price of $65,000, including a parsonage and Sunday School building! A Dutch deal! Except that the congregation was not much Dutch.


Can you guess which PRC this was? And what was the year in which she made this purchase? And maybe some of the members?

Ok, you get one hint. Here’s a special Seminary guest who is working on a history of this congregation and whom I am assisting with some archival resources. Yes, we DO have a lot of the congregation’s history preserved in our PRC archives. But we can always add more – pictures too! Because I noticed we don’t have many.


A PRC history researcher and writer.

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  1. Trinity PRC, in suburb of Houston, TX


    • Right on, Matt! Nice job – I suppose Joel S. was the key?!


      • Yes, Joel was a dead giveaway. 🙂 But when I first saw the building, it reminded me of old Hull PRC…


  2. That’d be Trinity PRC in the city of Houston in the great state of Texas.


    • Thanks, John! You are one of those visible, living fruits! In that sense, Trinity PRC lives on!


  3. Another non Dutch couple spent enjoyable winters in Katy with the Suggs and the others.


    • Ah, yes, your dad and mom were regulars, weren’t they! Thanks for reminding us!


  4. i have no idea, but i’m gonna take a stab at a date anyhow of 1979, based on what looks like a mid 70’s Ford F150 parked in the parsonage driveway ;o)

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