The Ingredients of Worship (1) – Confidence – A.W.Tozer

Tozer-Missing-JewelsIn an article on worship titled “Missing Jewel” (January, 1968), pastor A.W. Tozer wrote these words about some of the “ingredients” found in true worship:

     What are the ingredients in worship? First, boundless confidence. Confidence is necessary in order to respect, and respect is necessary to trust. You can’t worship a Being you don’t respect or trust. Worship rises or falls in any church depending upon the attitude taken toward God, whether we see God as big or small.. Most of us see God too small. When David said, ‘O magnify the Lord with me,’ he wasn’t asking us to make God bigger. You can’t do it. But you can see Him big.

Worship rises or falls with our concept of God; that is why I don’t believe in the half-converted cowboys who call God The Man Upstairs. I don’t think they worship at all because their concept of God is unworthy of God and of themselves. And if there is one terrible disease in the church of Christ, it is that we do not see God as great as he is. We’re too familiar with God.

Communion with God is one thing; familiarity with God is another. I don’t even like to hear God called ‘you.’ ‘You’ is a colloquial expression. I can call a man ‘you,’ but I ought to call God ‘Thou’ and ‘Thee.’ I know that these are old Elizabethan words, but I also know that some things are too precious to cast lightly away. When we talk to God we ought to use respectful pronouns (pp.2-3).

Published in Essays on Prayer by A.W. Tozer and others (Inter-Varsity Press, 1968).

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