Roosevelt Park PRC Bulletin – 1944

Tuesday afternoon of this week, Seminary library assistant Kevin Rau was doing some PRC archive research for me (Actually, for one of our ministers who wanted to know when our Dutch services ended) and spent time going through some of the old bulletins of SW PRC here in Wyoming, MI.

Only, back in the 1940s, SW PRC was known as Roosevelt Park PRC. That congregation was organized early in our history (1926 with 16 families), and has really continued, but with several name changes. In 1945 it became Second PRC, and then later on SW PRC.

While browsing these 1940s bulletins, Kevin came across this fine sample (click on the image to enlarge). You will notice the attention given to the men serving our country in the armed forces. It was WW II time, and our congregations too had many young men off to Europe and elsewhere to battle the Nazi powers. No doubt, you will recognize some of these names – perhaps they are fathers or grandfathers of some of our readers.


While we are on the subject of Dutch services, we may put the question before you: when did Dutch services end in the PRC? We have checked several congregations now, and you might be surprised to learn when these services came to an end.

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