Introducing the 2015 “Standard Bearer” Reformation Issue

RefDay-post-tenebras-luxOn this Reformation Day 2015 we may call your attention to the annual special Reformation issue of The Standard Bearer, just out and coming to your mailbox or digital device (ours came in the mail yesterday).

The November 1, 2015 issue focuses on the pre-Reformers God raised up to bring light in dark times and prepare the stage of the church and world for the full reform of His church. You may remember that one of the mottos by which the Reformation era is known is the Latin expression post tenebras lux – after darkness, light. With that in mind the editors decided to give this special issue the theme “Pre-Reformation Light in the Dark Ages.”

Prof.R. Dykstra (one of the editors) provides this brief summary of what the issue is about:

What comes to mind with the term “Middle Ages”? Perhaps dark and dreary lives. Perhaps castles and knights. Perhaps crusades.

For church history, what may come to mind is a seemingly endless parade of corrupt popes. Surely all Reformed readers think of the apostasy and corruption in the church that required the most significant Reformation the church has ever had –1517, and Martin Luther. There is, however, more to the Middle Ages than immediately meets the eye.
The goal of this special issue is to introduce some key church figures of the Middle Ages. Though the age was indeed one of astounding ignorance, wickedness, and apostasy, God preserved His church, and God preserved the church’s foundation, that is, His truth, as it centers in Jesus Christ. This issue will bring to light some of the men and movements that God used for His sovereign purposes to that end. Most readers are aware of the noteworthy pre-reformers – Wycliffe and Hus. We invite you to learn about a few others.

Be instructed, be encouraged, and give thanks for the evidence that the Son of God from the beginning to the end of the world gathers, defends, and preserves His church, and that He did so also in the Middle Ages.

Below is the cover of this special issue, with the table of contents. You will find a fascinating collection of articles inside the magazine.

SB-Reform-Nov-2015To receive a copy and/or subscribe to the “SB”, visit the home page.

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