“…We must continue to be a people of the Book.” – J.Tweeddale

Biblestudypic     Our problem as evangelicals is not that we have failed to defend the Bible; our problem is that we have neglected to heed it. As Psalm 78 makes clear, our capacity to tell future generations of the ‘glorious deeds of the Lord’ depends largely on how well we have attended to God’s Word in the present. When God bids us to listen to His instruction, He means more than for us simply to hear and regurgitate it. He intends for us to incline our ears, focus our minds, bend our hearts, and orient our lives to His Word (see Ps.78:1-4).

Spiritual decline within the church rarely begins with overt heresy or full-orbed persecution. It often starts when God’s people are bored with the claims of truth – that is, when we know the truth but are no longer gripped by it (read Judg.1-2). This is why the local church is so important for countering biblical illiteracy as well as upholding a commitment to biblical inerrancy. We gather together Lord’s Day to Lord’s Day in order to be awakened from our spiritual lethargy by the ministry of the Word. In all our strivings, we must continue to be a people of the Book: we must love it, study it, meditate on it, teach it, defend it, and live by it.

Taken from this weekend’s devotional (Oct.31-Nov.1) of the October issue of Tabletalk. The devotional is by Dr. John W. Tweeddale and is titled “Upholding Inerrancy.”

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