A Quiz on the Doctrine of Scripture

It’s Tuesday. You have had a chance to dig into your work for the week. Your brain is fresh; your mind is alert. So, it’s time for a quiz! On the doctrine of Scripture! Yes, you can do this!

On the Necessity of Reading the Bible - C.H.SpurgeonTim Challies posted this a few weeks ago (Nov.4, 2015) and I saved this post for the right time. Today, I think, is that time. You have heard me say more than once here – where the theme is “read more and read better” – that the best Book you will ever read is God’s Book, the holy Bible. My morning devotional today reminded me that God’s Word is the greatest treasure one could have (Ps.119:161-168). And as a Reformed Christian, I live under the Reformation motto sola Scriptura – everything I believe and everything I do must be governed by “Scripture alone.”

But how well do we know what the nature of this Book is? How well do we know the doctrine of Scripture? This quiz will help us judge ourselves on that matter.

Here is Challies’ introduction to the quiz and the link that will take you to it. He has also made this quiz available in pdf form if you wish to print it off.

God has spoken and God speaks. God has spoken and continues to speak through the Holy Scriptures, the Bible. How well do you know the doctrine of the Scripture? How well do you know what the Bible tells us about the Bible? This short thirty-three question quiz is designed to help you find out.

Source: A Quiz on the Doctrine of Scripture

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