Mark Twain at 180

Mark Twain in 1907. Credit: The Mark Twain House & MuseumDid you know that celebrated author Mark Twain (pen name) is 180 years old today! If Samuel Langhorne Clemens were still alive, that is (He died in April of 1910). He was born on November 30, 1835.

Last week in a post, AbeBooks asked us to “join in celebrating his life, his wisdom and his literature.” So, before November 30 is history, I suggest we reflect a bit on some of what Mr.Twain has given us in American literature. Visit the AbeBooks post below to learn more about this American legend, and browse some of the beautiful book covers that bring to mind the classics he penned.

Tom-Sawyer-Harrap-editionIf you wish to discover a little of Twain’s wit and wisdom, I did a post on a Thrift store find a few years back that will give you a little taste of it.

Here is the introduction to the special Twain post at AbeBooks. Read the rest at the link at the bottom.

It’s the 180th anniversary of Mark Twain’s birth on 30 November. Besides being a legendary author, Mark Twain was a great traveler, a globetrotter when globetrotting was not easy. He visited five continents, sailed across the Atlantic 29 times, and also crossed the Pacific and Indian oceans during a single journey around the world. He lectured in hundreds of towns and cities, and had something to say about many of them. Join us in celebrating his life, his wisdom, his literature and his willingness to discover what was around the next corner.

Source: Mark Twain at 180

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