George M. Ophoff’s Candidacy in “De Wachter”

Among her Reformed church magazine holdings, the PRC Seminary library has several volumes of the old Dutch Christian Reformed Church magazine De Wachter (meaning “watchman” or “guardian” – below is a scanned image of an ad for the magazine that appeared frequently in it).

wachter ad_Page_1

Thinking today about Rev. George M. Ophoff’s graduation from Calvin Seminary in 1921 (see my previous post), I had Kevin Rau browse through the 1921 year of bound Wachters to see if he could find notice of GMO’s candidacy.


And sure enough, he found it – in the June issue. Unlike later years where pictures of the candidates adorned the notices, this notice was simply a listing of the fifteen candidates. But there in the middle is “George Martin Ophoff” of Henry St. in Grand Rapids, MI.

Kevin also had fun pointing out the old ads in this Dutch periodical too – lots of good piano and cigar ads – and one for a “weather prophet” device from Zeeland, MI – promising accurate weather predictions from its special radio box.

One that caught my eye was from the Smitter Book Company. I think you will see why. 🙂


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  1. Imagine a life without books!


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