Jesus Must be “Perfectly Human” – R.C. Sproul

Part of my Sunday reading today was in this month’s Tabletalk, including R.C.Sproul, Sr.’s edifying article under his regular column “Right Now Counts Forever.”

In “Perfectly Human”, Sproul treats the importance of Christians believing the truth of both the divine and human natures of Jesus Christ. While we need Jesus to be fully God to save us, we also need Him to be fully human – a perfectly sinless man, he emphasizes. And that is especially brought home to us in this time of year when the church marks the incarnation of our Savior.

Here is a portion of Sproul’s article; read the rest of this instructive contribution at the Ligonier link below.

Christ’s sinlessness is vital to the biblical understanding of redemption. If Jesus is to be our mediator, if He is to be our redeemer, it’s essential that He be sinless. How could His atoning life have any significance if He committed even one sin? He’s called the lamb without blemish because His perfection is integral to His redemptive role as the mediator who offers up a perfect sacrifice to the Father to fulfill the old covenant and satisfy the wrath of God. The sinlessness of Jesus is critical to the full biblical understanding of His sacrificial death. Not only does Christ take what should be ours—namely, punishment for sin—but through imputation He gives to those who are in Him by faith alone the inheritance He receives for His perfect obedience (Rom. 3:21–26).

Some have denied the sinlessness of Christ in the name of protecting His humanity. If there’s anything that binds us together in common humanity, if there’s anything true of all men of all races and creeds, it’s that we fall short of our standards. We transgress our own laws, not to mention the laws of God. I don’t know anything more common to humanity than sin. If one man in this world today lived ten minutes in perfect obedience to God, that would be nothing less than astonishing. But Christ’s entire life was marked by sinlessness (1 Peter 2:22). So, how could a sinless Christ be truly human if sinlessness violates what is so common to human behavior?

What we’re really asking is this: Is sinfulness intrinsic to true humanity? We can answer only in the negative. To say that sinfulness is intrinsic to authentic humanity requires two conclusions: first, that Adam before the fall was not a human being; second, and more seriously, that Christians in a state of perfected glory in heaven will no longer be human.

Source: Perfectly Human by R.C. Sproul | Reformed Theology Articles at

Dr. R.C. Sproul is chancellor of Reformation Bible College, co-pastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, Fla., and author of the books The Work of Christ, Who Is Jesus?, and The Unexpected Jesus.

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