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As you know well by now, I have been pointing out the benefits of the book What’s Best Next by Matt Perman (Zondervan, 2014).

DoMoreBetter-ChalliesBut now there is a similar, shorter work that also promotes productivity in the Christian’s work life. Do More Better: A Practical Guide to Productivity is by Tim Challies and it deliberately seeks to supplement Perman’s book.

Jason Dollar at “Glory Focus” has posted a short review comparing these two books and today I refer you to that helpful post in case you wish to have a shorter work to read.

Here is the heart of his review; you may find the rest at the link below.

Both books are very good, and they both cover essentially the same material. But Perman delves into every topic in much greater detail than Challies. If Perman is Matthew than Challies is Mark.

For someone who wants to think extensively about being more productive (the whys and the hows), then Perman’s book is the way to go. If someone wants the no-frills basics, then it’s Challies all the way.

I found it very helpful to read both books. What’s Best Next led me to a serious rethinking and retooling of my life mission while Do More Good helped me think carefully about how I use the tools of productivity (in particular Google Calendar, Todoist, and Evernote). Challie’s book is so practical that it sometimes reads like a tutorial for these tools.

Both books maintain that the reason Christians should desire to be productive is so that they can better serve other people for the glory of God. Unlike many other books on efficiency and productivity, Perman and Challies are not interested in helping people make more money or work up a corporate ladder. Instead, they promote a God-centered worldview where self-sacrifice for the benefit of others is what life is all about.

Source: Two New Christian Books on Productivity | Glory Focus

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