Top Books of 2015 – Tim Challies

It is that time of year when bibliophiles of all stripes post their favorites books of the year, and this week we plan to feature some of these posts – Christian and secular.

We begin with prominent blogger Tim Challies, an avid reader and faithful reviewer of books. He has a variety of books mentioned as his “top books,” and they are always worth considering.

Perhaps, as he mentions, you have some Christmas gift money to spend. Books are always a worthy investment! 🙂

Here is Challies’ introduction to his list this year:

2015 was a pretty good year for Christian readers, and today I want to share some of my top picks from the year that is swiftly drawing to a close. Let me offer a few caveats: First, these are almost certainly not the best books of 2015 in any objective sense; rather, they are my favorites, the ones that have remained in my mind and impacted my life since I read them. Second, they are in no particular order. And finally, at the request of several readers I am posting this list before the end of the year because some people would like to refer to it as they do their Christmas shopping. Enjoy!

pastors-handbook-helopoulosOne of his highlighted books is one that also comes highly recommended from one of our young pastors. Here’s Challies notation on it:

The New Pastor’s Handbook: Help and Encouragement for the First Years of Ministry by Jason Helopoulos. This is a book by a young pastor for other young pastors. In forty-eight short chapters Helopoulos provides counsel on knowing and heeding God’s call, on starting out strong in ministry, on the pitfalls young pastors face, and on the joys of ministry. The biggest section is comprised of very practical tips and pointers on a selection of pressing issues: caring for family, reading, leading, busyness, friendship, suffering, and many more. Ultrapractical and stuffed full of timeless wisdom, it will prove valuable to many pastors. (Buy It | Read My Review)

For the rest of his list, visit the link below.

Source: My Top Books of 2015

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