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Love ’em or hate ’em, Amazon is the major force to reckon with when it comes to all things bookish – print and digital. Whether you agree with their marketing strategy or despise it, one has to pay attention to Amazon’s picks for best books of 2015.

Below is a link to the “Top 100 Editors’ Picks” for print books for this year. Understand plainly that this is not endorsement of the books chosen. It is rather a broad picture of the culture in which we live and the books that the world about us finds “best”

That is not to say that there are not some worthwhile reads here – there are. Novels are not my preference, but history is. So a book such as The Wright Brothers by noted historian David McCullough is worth looking at and perhaps indulging in.

Here’s a summary of it by one reviewer:

An Amazon Best Book of May 2015: Most people recognize the famous black-and-white photo of the Wright brothers on a winter day in 1903, in a remote spot called Kitty Hawk, when they secured their place in history as the first to fly a motor-powered airplane. That brilliant moment is the cornerstone of the new masterful book by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough, who brings his deft touch with language and his eye for humanizing details to the unusually close relationship between a pair of brothers from Dayton, Ohio, who changed aviation history. Bicycle shop owners by day, Wilbur and Orville taught themselves flight theory through correspondence with the Smithsonian and other experts. But the brothers soon realized that theory was no match for practical testing, and they repeatedly risked life and limb in pursuit of their goal—including when Orville fractured a leg and four ribs in a 75-foot plunge to the ground. McCullough’s narration of ventures such as this—their famous first flight at Kitty Hawk; the flight in Le Mans, France that propelled the brothers to international fame; the protracted patent battles back at home; and the early death of elder brother Wilbur—will immerse readers in the lives of the Wright family. Like other great biographies before it, The Wright Brothers tells the story about the individuals behind the great moments in history, while never sacrificing beauty in language and reverence in tone. – Manfred Collado

To view the entire list and to check out the rest of Amazon’s picks in all categories for 2015, visit the link below.

Source: Top 100 Editors’ Picks: Print Books: Books

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