The Most Awe-Inspiring Space Pictures of 2015

As Christians we marvel at the wonders God has put on the earth for us to see and explore. We have all witnessed these wonders about us – in nearby places and in far away places.

But perhaps more amazing are the wonders of the heavens, which in many ways man has just begun to discover. Maybe it is because the heavens above us display the greatness and majesty of God in a special way because He Himself inhabits the heaven of heavens; but whatever the reason, the glimpses we are receiving of the heavenly spaces are stunning and spectacular.

Come and behold the works of God through these powerful images of the heavens. And as Isaiah said, “Behold your God!”

Here is the National Geographic introduction, with the link to the 15 best space images of 2015.

Each week, National Geographic’s photo editors hand-pick dazzling photos of space, and of Earth seen from space. Of the hundreds of photos published this year, we bring your our picks for the 15 best of 2015—including a spectacular image celebrating the Hubble Space Telescope’s 25th anniversary, stunning images of distant galaxies and stars, and iconic snapshots of beloved dwarf planet Pluto.

Source: The Most Awe-Inspiring Space Pictures of 2015

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  1. True colors of deep space.


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