Here Are 18 Books You Should Read in 2016

I realize that in the last few weeks we have given you plenty of book lists with reading suggestions. But that was for 2015, and it is now 2016, and we need some fresh book ideas moving ahead!

The Heritage Foundation (a conservative think-tank) has put together some fine recommendations with a variety of titles and subjects – from American history to baseball to economics.

Here is their brief introduction and the link to their list, including one of the suggested books.

Looking for a good book to start the new year?

We’ve put together a list of recommendations by Heritage Foundation experts that will give you plenty of interesting reading options for 2016.

Source: Here Are 18 Books You Should Read in 2016

As for the book highlighted above, here is a description of it:

It’s a well-crafted history of the Underground Railroad, which weaves the stories of black and white American heroes who created an illegal, organic social network that helped thousands of slaves make good their escapes.

Bordewich shows how the Underground Railroad managed to balance and achieve two goals: shuttling individual runaways to safety and building a moral case for abolition throughout the North. It’s fascinating to see how a movement grounded explicitly in religious morality succeeded in the face of overwhelming secular opposition.

Salim Furth is a research fellow for The Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity at The Heritage Foundation.

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