PRC Archives – Mystery Photo #2 of 2016

Last week we posted our first mystery photo from the PRC archives and we had three great guesses that helped nail down some its details.


It was, indeed, Rev. George Lubbers (whose daughter Agatha contributed the picture) and the Council of Randolph PRC, sometime between 1944 and 1950, when he served there as pastor. One of the guessers informed us that the young fella to the left of Rev.Lubbers (far left) is Dewey Alsum. But the other two men are still a mystery, so we would like some help with that, as well as the exact year of the picture if possible.

That leads to our mystery photo #2 of 2016 – another one that appeared in the frame with the Randolph picture, again, from Agatha Lubbers. Here it is:


So, time to start guessing again! Which Council is this one? It will surprise you, I think.

Two of the men should be familiar to some of us at least. Yes, one of those is Rev.G. Lubbers. But if you can help with the others, it would be most appreciated.

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  1. They all look vaguely familiar, probably because they are most likely all Dutch! Anyway, I have no guess this time but I want to see the comments of others. Thanks for the fun pics!


  2. We’re guessing Creston 1950 – 1954.
    Front right ~ Dewey Engelsma?


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