PRC Archives – Mystery Photo #3 of 2016

Last week for our PRC archive item we posted another picture of a church council. We did have a few guesses, but, not surprisingly, one was unsure and the other was incorrect.


This is what I can tell you: this is the Council of Pella, IA PRC during the years that Rev. George Lubbers (1909-2001 – front center) served as pastor there (1937-1943). The only other person I know on the picture is Mr. Conrad De Vries, Rev. Michael De Vries’ (currently at Kalamazoo PRC) grandfather (top, third from left).

UPDATES: BUT now – thanks to Rev.M. De Vries and Mark Hoeksema – I am able to add three more names to the photo: Mr.William C. Stursma (front far left), Mr. Wiebe De Vries (top, second from left), and Mr. Cecil Vander Molen (top, far right).

So, we could still use some help! The PRC 25th anniversary book does have a Pella Council picture too, but the men appear quite different.

At the same time, I have some other items for you. These are from a PRYP’s Convention “Souvenir Booklet.”


I will let you work on the year and other details, but here are some of the pages from it:



And finally, here is the special dedication page:




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  1. I really have no idea on year etc (although the last clue pretty much assumes it’s First church, with H.H. as ‘our beloved’, and timing i am assuming must be one of his strokes?),

    But interesting memory (which may not be totally accurate :o/ ) is of Edward Knott (in the 0001 photo). I grew up in a local CRC that was considered fairly conservative. And if memory serves me correctly (big if) it means Rev Ed Knott must have been one of the ones to go in 53, becasue we had him several times when i was a young kid as pulpit supply as a retired pastor in the CRC. (in the early 70’s?)

    Which would not seem to be so memorable since i was a typical young kid (maybe 10?) and church was not where i always wanted to be. So for me to remember him at that time, with a clear memory of being very impressed, and enjoying his sermons is quite noteworthy.

    I don’t know if that is him, but i recall “that good preacher” as a pretty big dude. And i always hoped we’d have him again soon since he was a better preacher than any of the other retired CRC pastors that helped us out ….. in retrospect i’m assuming his superior theological training was what made the difference so plainly evident to a little kid!

    I must have been told by my folks of his pedigree and i think it is probably even fair to say he was an influence in my joining the PRC since i wanted more of that!

    (sorry for the long seemingly unrelated note, but it really sparked a great memory from my childhood, even if that’s not him in that picture!)


  2. Chuckles: I can’t figure out how to reply—what is the website? I hope you get this. On the Pella picture, the man in the back row farthest right is Cecil Vander Molen, the mainstay of Pella for decades. I knew him well, and I am positive as to his identity.


    • You are just fine, Markles – your comment is here! Thanks for that ID on Cecil – I did wonder if he was in the picture. I knew his nephew Ben when I was there.


  3. Chuck, I agree with Mark regarding Cecil Vander Molen in the Pella consistory photo. My grandfather, Conrad De Vries, is 3rd (not 2nd) from the left in the back row. The man 2nd from the left in the back row is his brother, Wiebe De Vries. My maternal grandfather, William C. Stursma is sitting to the far left in the front row. I don’t know about the other two. Rev. De Vries


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