Sem Student Pictures: Holding to the Traditions, or Being Imitators?

For our Friday Fun item today we have something a bit unusual. Not that we post some pictures; you are accustomed to that. But that these two pictures are a sort of matching game.

Thanks to some recent Sem student shenanigans (stimulated by a picture Prof.Gritters shared with them – the first one here!), it seems like these two photos are designed to be alike.

But are they? Who is who? and who is trying to be who? You be the judge!



And, if you are really good, you will be able to place these two pictures in our Seminary history. Both quite recent, but one more recent than the other.

Special thanks to Matt Kortus for choreography and David Noorman for photography. πŸ™‚

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  1. LOL! That brings back memories!


  2. They are pictures of Sem outings at the Westminster Conference in Escondido, California. The most recent one was within the last month or so, and the men are, from left to right, Sem. Feenstra, Rev. Huizinga, Sem. Lim Sem. DeBoer, Sem. Holstege, Sem. Regnerus, Sem. Smidstra, Sem. Langerak, and Sem. Noorman. The older photo is a bit more difficult, although I believe it’s from 2011. My guesses are, from left to right, (now) Rev. Bleyenberg, (now) Rev. Huizinga, (now) Rev. Ibe, (now) Rev. Griess, unknown #1, (now) Rev. McGeown, (now) Rev. Mahtani, (now) Rev. Decker, unknown # 2.


  3. Love it! πŸ™‚ Great photos.


  4. Love the pictures!. The similarities are that they both contain seminary students in California. The 2nd pictures contains the Midway in the background and the 1st picture is taken along the coastal waters in CA. I see palm trees in the back. Seminarian Stephan Regnerus appears to have knee issues and is a short shot for Martyn McGeown, since he stands about 6-8″ shorter Rev. Ibe has just one arm and a huge coat. Rev. Vander Wal and Rev. Ibe seem to blend in. Sem. Feenstra and Aaron Lim replace each other. Rev. Jon Mahtani and Sem. Smidstra are so close I can hardly tell them apart. πŸ™‚ Rev. Huizinga is Rev. Huizinga, Rev. Griess/De Boer. Well, this was fun.!! Thanks,Chuck


  5. Hast thou not also observed a correlation between two Holsteges, a seminarian from days gone by, perhaps the year of our Lord 2009 (?) and one apparently trying to imitate his big brother, a beloved and honorable seminarian of the present day, both of whom look quite nice in those dark sunglasses? πŸ™‚


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