PRC Archives – PRYP’s Convention Ribbons


Today for our PRC history/archives post we feature PR Young People’s Convention ribbons. Yes, ribbons! Were you aware that past conventioneers wore such things at the convention? Did you know that they were specially made to reflect the host society’s location (can you discern that in the examples above?)? And did you know that there were two types of ribbons given out, to two types of conventioneers – delegates and visitors?

This all started a few weeks ago when Bob Drnek was sorting through some back issues of the Beacon Lights magazine donated to the PRC archives by Agatha Lubbers. In matching these with what we already possessed, Bob found a BL issue that featured these convention ribbons on its cover (see photo above – pre-convention issue of June/July 1964). And that got him wondering if we had any of these and how many we might have.

Locating the YP’s Convention booklet box, he discovered that we had a few in there, still attached to the convention booklet that matched it. When he relayed his findings and interest to me, he said, “Wouldn’t it be great to find all of these and make a special display?” Of course, I agreed!

Well, Monday morning of this week what should meet me on the counter of the secretary’s desk but this collection of ribbons, brought in by Mr. Rick Bos (Grace PRC) through his mother, Elaine (Faith PRC)! Wonderful providence! I was so excited – and I couldn’t wait to “show and tell” Bob! I made a special display on my librarian’s desk this week so these ribbons could be seen by others – hence, the pictures. So, now you can enjoy them too.


But, we also need your help in completing our collection for the archives. We are not sure exactly when these began to be used or when they ended. Right now our collection extends form the 50s to the 60s. If you have any you would be willing to donate to the collection, we would love it! Especially nice would be to have delegate and visitor ribbons from each year they were given out.

Now you know what your PRC history/archive homework is. Hope to hear from you! 🙂

UPDATE! One of our readers sent in a picture of the ribbon from the 1975 PRYP’s Convention – a very special one, in fact – the year of the 50th anniversary of the PRC and the 35th annual YP’s convention! Thanks for sharing, Cindy! We see you even had the honor of wearing a delegate badge!

Feel free to send me more, any others of you who care to share.


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