PRC Archives – Mystery Picture #4 of 2016 – A PRC YP’s Society – UPDATED!

A little late for an additional Thursday archives feature, this mystery photo #4 of 2016 will have to serve as one of our “Friday Fun” items this week.


The mystery is not so much the group or even the minister (these are identified on the back of the photo) – or even many of these good-looking young people (I recognize my 2nd-grade teacher on here!). But I would like to know the year – and if you want to identify all these people in the picture, that would be great!

Thanks for your archive help! It is appreciated.

P.S. If you need to make the photo larger, hold down the control key and hit the “plus” key on the number side of the keyboard.

UPDATE: As I mentioned in my March 17 post, Mr. Marv Lubbers gave me a copy of the above picture with all the names of the young people listed. I now post those names here for your benefit.

Back row (l-r): Violet Schut, Marjorie Lubbers, Judy Lanning, Louis Schut, Rich Huizinga, Katherine Huizinga, Gloria Lubbers, Genevieve Lubbers

Middle row (l-r): Joyce Kuiper, Judy Lubbers, Joan Vander Kooi, Betty Haveman, Maxine Lubbers, Faye Kuiper, Patricia Lubbers

Front row (l-r): Jane Kuiper, Elaine Holstege, Rev. Gerrit Vos, Chet Haveman, Leon Kamps

Yes, these are young people of Hudsonville PRC, but we still don’t have a definite year. Rev. Vos served there twice – from 1929-1932 (I will be nice and say it cannot be these years!) and from 1948-1966 – that’s quite a stretch of years. Let’s try to get that year down more precisely. Can you help?

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