Special Visits from the Heritage Christian 4th Graders

Yesterday the second group of fourth graders from Heritage Christian School (Hudsonville, MI) visited the PRC Seminary, this class being that of Ms. Liz Van Drunen. Two weeks ago the class of Mrs. Jane Woudenberg made their annual visit – always a highlight on our calendar.

These are wonderful opportunities for the young students to see and learn about the PRC Seminary, and it seems they are just as excited to be there as we are to have them there. We thank the two teachers for taking the time to bring the children here and to have them appreciate what it takes to train ministers of the gospel (Can you remember those classes with difficult names that the students here are required to take, students? What is Homiletics?! Poimenics?!).

And we pray that some small seeds were sown in the hearts of some of the young boys, so that someday they receive that special call to serve the Lord and His church in this way. Perhaps in another ten years some of you will walk through those doors again. 🙂

After Prof. R.Cammenga’s introduction to the Seminary, the student’s are given a tour of the building. Usually that includes just the main part of the Seminary – the upstairs. But when some of our Seminary students make mention of the ping-pong tables in the basement, the HCS students eyes light up – can we see that too?



Sure, I told them. But then you also have to see the PRC archives room, something few will see. And inside they came, where Mr. Bob Drnek was at work, who also explained the PRYP’s Convention ribbon display to them. So they got a little PRC history lesson too.



Thanks for coming! And don’t forget to pray for us! We pray for you daily.

Postscript: I must give my sincere apologies to Mrs.Woudenberg and her class for not taking any pictures of their visit. I was occupied with other things that morning and never gave my camera a thought until after they left. I regret that. I will try and do better next year. Forgive me.

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  1. Wonderful! I like Ms. Van Drunen’s reaction in the Archives room.

    Please keep that camera handy for next week Friday. I’m planning on helping drive some HCHS students up for the upcoming tour. I’m really looking forward to it!


    • We are looking forward to your visit! Have a safe ride and a profitable trip! Any special requests, let us know


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