PRC Archives: A Mystery Church Building & Council – UPDATED!

Today for our PRC archives feature, we post two mystery pictures (at least, they may be mysterious to you. I found them identified in their files) – one of a former church building and one of a former church Council.

If you recognize this church building, give a shout under comments!

UPDATE: By now you should be aware from the comments that this is the original South Holland, IL PRC church building (c.1928), as I understand, built in the location where the next one was constructed (in 1966), along with the Christian school behind it later on. If it looks like the church is in the middle of field here, it was, for onion farms were big in that area at the time.


And if you recognize this church Council below, let us all know in the comment section.

UPDATE: This is the Consistory of our (former) congregation in Sioux Center, IA, a congregation we lost in the split of 1953. The church was organized with 11 families in 1926, and the pastor at the time of this picture was Rev. James Van Weelden, who served her from 1945 (when he was ordained) through the departure in 1953.


I do know which Council it is, but not all the people in the picture. If you can help, that would be much appreciated.

UPDATE: I add this picture of the Consistory of Sioux Center PRC as found in the Twenty-five Year Jubilee of the Protestant Reformed Churches of America, 1925-1950 (p.68).


If you can still help identify the men in the first picture (other than Rev. Van Weelden), that would be very helpful. Perhaps it is some of the same men, but it is difficult for me to judge with certainty.


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  1. The building sure looks like the old Hull PRC, but what do I know? 🙂


  2. Give a shout!!! Well ,that is the Old South Holland Church before the school was put up behind it. Actually the 1st building did not have a basement. The basement was later dug out by hand, I believe and the church was placed on top. With this upgrade came inside plumbing. The outhouse was no longer needed. Thankful for that.!! Thanks Church for a pleasant memory.!! I am not sure about the 2nd picture of who those gentlemen are.


    • You nailed it, Deb! I was surprised to find this great picture in the archives. I knew some S.Hollander would recognize it. Thanks too for sharing some more of the history of that building. Hard to believe this was in your lifetime 🙂


  3. I guess Deb has a few years on me, because I do not remember that building, other than hearing others talking about it 😉


    • That’s what comes with experience 🙂 I am enjoying the memories this picture has prompted. Have you seen the Facebook comments? Very interesting.


  4. I believe you.

    No, we don’t have Facebook.


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