The Story of P&R Publishing

Ever wondered how Christian publishing company P&R got its start? Do you remember its original name – Presbyterian and Reformed? And did you realize that in its early years it also published a journal called Christianity Today?

This history of P&R was recently posted on their website (July 7, 2016) and I found it quite interesting. I am personally grateful for such Christian publishing companies, and P&R continues to be true to its mission after 86 years. Our Seminary library has titles from those early years of publication and continues to purchase their books to this day.

Read on and be informed – and grateful for such Christian companies.

Below is a start to the article; visit the link at the bottom to read the rest.
In 1930 former Presbyterian minister Samuel G. Craig (1874–1960) was forced to leave his five-year term as editor-in-chief of The Presbyterian. The denominational paper dismissed Craig after he threw his support behind J. Gresham Machen, who had founded Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia in response to Princeton Seminary’s modernist reorganization in 1929. Along with Machen, Craig founded The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. in May 1930 to produce a needed conservative answer to the liberal-leaning Presbyterian. The company started publishing a monthly journal called Christianity Today, then priced at $1 for a yearly subscription. The journal featured articles on Christianity and theology, book reviews, sermons, news in the Presbyterian church, and letters to the editor (see archived issues at

Source: The Story of P&R – P&R

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