High Tech Shelf Help: Singapore’s Library Robot

This news item appeared yesterday in one of my library emailings, and I judged it worthy of a “Friday fun” post.

Librarians are a sensitive bunch, especially with so many tech geeks and digital gurus predicting our irrelevance and demise. Now we find out that we may be replaced by robots!

Although, I will say, this one serves a very useful purpose – finding misplaced books in the library – an annoyance any librarian would want help with!

So, enjoy this little news item about a Singaporean library robot; go ahead and take a poke at us librarians. But, remember, to err is not only human, but robotian. This cool device will make mistakes, and library patrons will still be looking for assistance from that real, physical, personal librarian. 🙂

Here’s the beginning of the article; find the rest of it at the link below.

Library holdings are only useful if they’re findable. For print collections at least, even recommending the most relevant titles ultimately falls short if they’re not on the right shelf. However, the process of finding out if things have been properly shelved is time-consuming and never ending, as materials are continuously moved even if they don’t circulate outside the building. The task is often handled by support staff, interns, or volunteers, but Singapore’s National Library Board has a new alternative: a library robot, developed by researchers at the infocomm research branch of Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research.

Source: High Tech Shelf Help: Singapore’s Library Robot


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  1. That’s outstanding!

    The St. John library needs one of these. I don’t know how many times our library has said we didn’t return a book and yet quite often when my wife asks them to look for it, they find it! Of course some times, its our children forgetting about it somewhere. 🙂


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