Periodicals in the Seminary Library

As you no doubt already know, magazines and journals make up an important part of a library. That is true of public libraries, and it is no less true of private libraries. Our PRC Seminary library also considers periodicals to be a vital resource for our faculty and students as well as visitors.

Last week while working closely with summer library assistants Craig Ferguson and Kevin Rau, we spent most of an afternoon going through our periodicals, updating our records on them, and making boxes and labels for the new ones we are receiving. That made me think that it would be good to feature this section of our library sometime, so today is that day.


I start with a picture of our periodical racks in the library (one of our library assistants will be making magnet labels for the new magazines soon and catch us up on that). Obviously, we cannot obtain everything that larger seminary libraries have, or even all that we would like to have. But we strive for quality as well as variety (with a focus on Reformed Christianity, of course), and I believe we have a very good selection of magazines and journals.

These are constantly being reviewed as well, so that we can weed out things that are not as useful as we thought and add new ones that become available or affordable.

One of the things we do now that saves us money while also enabling us to obtain some good periodicals is to print our own off the Internet. Many magazine and journal publishers are going to this format now because of the high cost of printing, and that enables us to receive them free – or close to it (you will notice we use our own magazine covers for these).

Below are some of the new ones we have added in the last year or so.


Another way we can save money on periodicals is to buy Kindle editions or other digital formats. Yes, we do have a Kindle (Fire) for the library and I have been loading it with free or inexpensive books for several years now. I plan to make this more available this year and see how much this means is used. I consider it a good option.

At least one of our professors uses his iPad to read some of our periodicals, since when we buy a print subscription quite often we also receive a digital version free. This is another way our periodicals can be used, and, of course, accessed anywhere, anytime.

If you would like to browse our magazines and journals some time, stop in and we will show you what we have. There truly is something for everyone (ecclesiastically and theologically inclined, that is). Just another means to grow spiritually. 🙂

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