Note to Self: Theology is for Worship

Start by reading John 17:1-3.

Dear Self,

…Good theology will always lead to humility and worship. It displays the greatness of God. It shows that he is transcendent, sovereign, holy, and good. It reflects the beauty of Jesus and the gospel, and the wonder of God’s justice and mercy coming together in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Good theology uncovers the truth about ourselves – that we  are men and women made in God’s image, who exist for his glory, but have turned inward and ugly through our own sin. Without the hope of the gospel we are objects of wrath and await destruction. But in Christ we are reconciled to God.

Humility is properly born out of this theology. In seeing the greatness of God and who we are as his creation, we become characterized by a spirit of growing awe, wonder, and meekness, and are drawn to worship. We can exalt and exult in the God who has not only made himself known but also invited us to draw near to him as he draws near to us.

Developing a theology that leads to worship requires you to approach doctrine devotionally – that is with the aim of a life of worship devoted to a Person, not a principle. It means you will read Scripture, and even theology books, with the goal of knowing Christ deeply and making him known clearly.

Note-to-self-ThornTaken from Chap.37 “Theology is for Worship” (found in Part Three, “The Gospel and You”) in Note to Self: The Discipline of Preaching to Yourself by Joe Thorn (Crossway, 2011), pp.113-14.

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