The 10 Strangest Places on Earth – Atlas Obscura

Let’s do one more “Friday Fun” item today, this time book-based and related. A few weeks ago I did another post related to the website “Atlas Obscura” (the Kansas City book spine mural).

Today we feature something Publisher’s Weekly gave notice of today in connection with the book published under the website’s name – Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders. The book highlights 700 unique “wonders” found across the globe. In this post, PW features ten favorites of the book’s editors.

Below is the introduction Atlas Obscura gives. Then we give one example from the post, followed by a link that will give you the other nine. Be an explorer and take a little trip to some strange places! That’s another benefit of books and reading. 🙂

At Atlas Obscura, we celebrate the global places and phenomena that inspire curiosity, and awe. In our world, “strange” is a compliment—our favorite strange places are capable of surprising even the most seasoned traveler. You may think you’ve seen it all, but have you stared into the doorway of Hell, or picnicked in the mouth of a monster?In selecting the 700 or so places to include in Atlas Obscura, the book, we made sure to prioritize the marvelously strange. Standing in these places, you can’t help but want to stare, explore, and ask, “How did this come to be?” It is this sense of wonder with which we hope to inspire the next generation of explorers.In that spirit, here, selected from our compendium of world wonders, are 10 of the strangest places on Earth.

Source: The 10 Strangest Places on Earth

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Wonders of Creation: How hermit crabs change shells with anemones

Yes, we are going to start this Friday with another video. And no, it does not have anything to do with books or reading.

But it certainly does show forth the “little” wonders of creation and the glory of our Creator, the almighty Maker of heaven and earth  – the Maker of these incredible crabs.

So, enjoy the wonder of these hermit crabs and what they do when they change shells and take their “friends” with them.

And maybe while we are thinking about this amazing “mutualism”, we can ask ourselves: Am I a symbiotic Christian?

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