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large_dad-enough-to-sing-uqaj3si9This fine post by David Mathis about the important place of singing in the home – especially by fathers! – struck a wonderful chord (pun intended) with me this week.

As you may know, I am a singing father (as well as husband and church member). I sing in two men’s groups, the Hope Heralds and the Voices of Victory, and I sing every Lord’s Day in worship. And, yes, I do sing in my home, formally (for quartet practice) and informally (including in the shower and on my mower). I sing alone, and sing with family and fellow saints (which I much prefer). I love to sing. And I love singing a variety of music.

Maybe because I grew up in a singing family. No doubt that was a strong influence on me. So too the Christian schools I attended, where singing was a regular part of classroom as well as in the choirs in later years. Without question, the congregational singing in the churches I have been a part of has increased my love of singing. But it all starts in the home.

I don’t think my experience is different from many of yours. But we so take for granted the gift of music and the ability to sing, especially as Christians. And I do not doubt that we sell short the influence of the father in the home when it comes to singing.

And that’s where this article can help us, dads (and husbands). Mathis begins this way:

I want my sons to grow up believing that a grown man singing is one of the most natural sounds in the world.

It doesn’t have to be great singing. I’m no accomplished vocalist. Yet I don’t want my boys — or my daughter, for that matter — to ever think it’s strange for men to sing. Rather, it’s strange, and sad, when men don’t sing.

To my fellow dads, I’d love for you to consider with me what it might mean to put your fathering to song. What small but significant steps might you take toward making your home a more tangible place of happiness?

And goes on to give two main reasons why we “dadly” singing is good in the home (and outside of it too):


When Daddy sings, the home is happier. Singing is the sound of joy in God. It is joy in God made audible. Singing around the house, in the car, and as we go through life fills the air with joy, and helps to establish a family fellowship of warmth, rather than coldness. Dads who are man enough to sing contribute in significant measure to making theirs a happy home.

And then second,

But not only do we make our homes happier through song. When Daddy sings, he inspires the hearts of his children to grow and flourish, not just their minds and bodies. As the sound of joy, song is a language of the heart. Filling life with music and song is a way to encourage and cultivate the heart, rather than suppress it.

So, how about it, men. Are we dad enough to sing? Read the rest of Mathis’ article to be further encouraged to sing in your home.

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