Little Free Library opens at Ford Airport

And in other local news on this Friday of fun – news of libraries and books! – a new “Little Free Library” has opened in Grand Rapids – at the airport!

The story is below, from WOOD-TV news. I can’t wait to see it the next time I fly (mid-November is on the schedule). I may just take a book and leave one while on a little vacation to visit our son and his wife.

How about you? Have you spotted it and used it yet?

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The next time you’re waiting for your flight at Gerald R. Ford International Airport without anything to do, you can take advantage of a new library. The airport partnered with Kent District Library to set up the new Little Free Library, which opened to travelers Monday morning (Sept. 12, 2016) Travelers can snag a book before their flight free of charge or leave books that they finished on their trip. Volunteers will be at the airport a few times a week to make sure the shelves stay stocked.

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Labyrinth of Lavender in Shelby


This amazing garden was featured on our local Fox News station last weekend. We stopped and visited this little farm stand this summer on the way to Silver Lake and never realized this was tucked back in the fields of lavender.

Looks like a place to stop on your way north. And I didn’t even mention the cherry turnovers at the stand. That alone is worth the stop. 🙂

Here is part of the Fox story. Read the rest at the link below.

SHELBY, Mich. — It’s an intricate garden you can see from Google Earth, with winding pathways and a Stonehenge-like center, but what exactly is it? Turns out it’s a labyrinth of lavender.

A stone marks the beginning of the winding rows of lush lavender bushes, an area with so much life that got it’s start from death.

Cherry Point Farm owner Barbara Bull explains, “There is a soil born micro-organism in the soil at this location on the farm that will kill a tart cherry orchard, it will eventually die. It killed the last orchard that was here.”

An area of farmland surrounded by healthy cherry orchards, but cannot grow them would be a problem for most farmers, but not for Barbara, who already had a deep seeded love for lavender.

“I’ve always loved lavender and it is particularly suited to grow here,” she said.

Source: Labyrinth of lavender in Shelby | Fox17

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