What Was Happening in the Literary World the Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series?

My readers do know that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series this year over the Cleveland Indians with a nail-biting, persevering, game-seven victory at Progressive Field on Wednesday night (or rather, early Thursday morning!), right? After being down 3 games to 1 in the series – a come back for the ages! Their first in 108 years – the longest championship drought for any major league team! I mean, how could you not know?!


But, being the sophisticated, educated, book-loving readers that you are, do you also know what was going on in the literary world the last time the Cubbies won the World Series? I won’t fault you for not knowing at this point. But today we can learn what was going on in the world of literature then, thanks to the “Literary Hub,” which tied the two together in a post yesterday.

So, for our Friday Fun item today, you will learn that when the Cubs beat the Tigers in 1908 some very significant authors were around and some significant literary works were being produced. Check it out below, and be a very smart Cubs fan. 🙂

Posted Nov.3, 2016 at Literary Hub

Even if you aren’t the biggest sports fan—or hey, even if you’re no sports fan at all—it’s likely you’ve heard that the long-cursed Chicago Cubs won the MLB World Series last night in a game of epic proportions. It’s been 108 years since the Cubs won the World Series—the longest amount of time any American major sports team has had to wait between titles. So what was the world like in 1908?

Well, in literature at least, major philosophers and future legends were being born, Ezra Pound was self-publishing his very first book of poems, and everyone was reading Winston Churchill. It was a banner year for children’s literature, giving us at least two major enduring classics and an installment of (arguably) the most-loved children’s book series of all time. Nobel Prizes were being given out to obscure German philosophers. So it’s safe to say that things have changed.

Here, a brief sketch, necessarily incomplete, and with the benefit of hindsight (again, 108 years of cursed, cursed hindsight), of the year in literature, 1908.

Source: A Literary Look at the Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series | Literary Hub