Victory in Christ in This Life

beyeholy-brf-2016From the newly published book Be Ye Holy: The Reformed Doctrine of Sanctification (British Reformed Fellowship, 2016) comes these words from the pen of Prof. Herman Hanko (emeritus PRC Seminary) on “The Victorious Christian” (Part 1: Chapter 6):

There are other ways in which God works sanctification in us in such a way that we are victorious over sin.

To confess our sins before God brings forgiveness. That too is victory. When, at Calvary, we confess our sins and seek forgiveness through the blood of Christ, these sins are forgiven, and we know that we are righteous and sinless before the eyes of our Father in heaven. Sin cannot rob us of His love and care. Sin confessed cannot keep us from heaven. Sin washed away in the blood of Christ gives us victory over Satan and his hosts, the world, and our own remaining sin.

Thus the victory of the child of God is found in a good conscience. Our conscience condemns us because it shows us our sins. But Scripture speaks of consciences washed in the blood of Christ (Heb.9:14). With freedom from an accusing conscience, we walk in the joy and hope of our salvation. Free from sin in God’s eyes, we are victorious.

That’s one way victory is evident in the Christian’s life. Hanko gives us another way:

The victory of the Christian is evident too in the fact that, although he falls in his path, he never gives up. He may yield to that temptation again and again, and commit the same sin repeatedly. The temptation to give up and fight no longer is strong. But he never does. Fallen, he rises again. Weary in the battle, he presses forward. Wounded and bleeding, he resolves to pursue his calling with renewed strength. He cannot be defeated, no matter how fierce the battle. He is more than a conqueror! (pp.96-97).

In the UK the book may be obtained from the Covenant PRC Bookshop. In the U.S., it may be purchased at the Reformed Book Outlet (Hudsonville, MI).

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  1. Praise God for His victory!


  2. Does this book come in Kindle e read?


    • I don’t believe so, but you might encourage Rev. Stewart to do so.


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