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Tony Reinke has completed his list of the 16 best Christian books for this year, which you may find at the Desiring God website link below.


I include here part of his post describing the list, and then one of his picks with its description. Find all the rest at the link provided (which is not an endorsement of all the books or of his comments about them).

And, yes, of course, there are ideas here for your Christmas gift-giving. 🙂

December is a month for making lists, and my favorite annual list to make is top books of the year. I check this list more than twice, however — because each year the choosing becomes more challenging.

My list focuses on non-fiction Christian books published in the last calendar year, and sixteen titles rose to the top.

…I love assembling this list each year for many reasons. For one, it reminds me of the breadth of content — the diversity of genres that are serving readers and the collection of writers who are serving the church today. Writing Christian non-fiction is hard work, and it’s not lucrative — and I am grateful for the writers and for the publishers and the editors and the designers who tirelessly labor behind each of these titles. We live in the golden age of publishing, and reading — like writing — is a way of serving. Reading opens our lives to benefit from a range of content, and prepares us to serve others by linking helpful books to the needs and interests of those around us.

And here is one of his top 16 with its description:

disciplines-of-grace-mathis9 — David Mathis, Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines(Crossway). Speaking of the habits of the affections, David Mathis wrote a wonderful survey of the spiritual disciplines of the Christian life. What separates his book from others is an unrelenting focus on the heart. For far too long, the spiritual disciplines have been developed as though joy and happiness were simply byproducts of doing the disciplines correctly. What Mathis shows in this book is that an appetite for joy in God is what must compel us into the disciplines in the first place. God’s invitation is to begin our days by making our souls as happy in Jesus as we can. That is exactly what this book sets out to help us accomplish. Uniquely affection-centered, tightly written, clearly illustrated, and sincerely motivated by a desire to help ordinary Christians develop healthy patterns of communion with God, this book is too important to pass up.

Source: Top 16 Books of 2016 | Desiring God