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Christmas books-2014Even though this list of top 10 books goes back two years (Dec., 2014), it is still very profitable – and practical – especially if you are looking for book gift ideas yet this holiday season. Pastor/professor David Murray (Puritan Reformed Seminary) put together this valuable list in order to point to his top 10 books in various categories (including ones for pastors, elders, work, children, sin, depression, etc.)

I believe you will find something beneficial for yourself and for a friend or family member here. I give you one section of the list (which happens to be one of Murray’s specialties), encouraging you to browse each category for idea. And keep the list handy for future reference too.

Here is Murray’s brief introduction to the list:

As I’m often asked for book recommendations on various subjects, I decided to put together an online list of my top ten books in various categories.

If you click on the title of each Top 10, it will take you to brief descriptions of each book, other good books just outside the Top 10, reader suggestions, and reader polls on each category.

And here is one of his categories:

Top 10 Books On Using Technology

1. The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion by Tim Challies.
2. You, Your Family and the Internet by David Clark.
3. Your Brain at Work: Strategies for Overcoming Distraction, Regaining Focus, and Working Smarter All Day Long by David Rock.
4. Bit Literacy: Productivity in the Age of Information and E-mail Overload by Mark Hurst.
5. From the Garden to the City by John Dyer.
6. Digital Leader: 5 Simple Keys to Success and Influence by Erik Qualman.
7. Ministry in the Digital Age: Strategies and Best Practices for a Post-Website World by David Bourgeois.
8. Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other by Sherry Turkle.
9. The Social Church: A Theology of Digital Communication by Justin Wise.
10. iGods: How Technology Shapes Our Spiritual and Social Lives by Craig Detweiller.

Source: Top 10 Books

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