PRC Archives: First PRC Music Programs, 1941-1964

‘Tis the season for programs.

As you know, during the Christmas and New Year seasons numerous church choir and Sunday School programs are held, besides those which our Christian schools produce and perform. From this point of view, too, it is a wonderful time of the year. I speak as a music lover, as I enjoy and am edified by a variety of Christian music.

Which made we remember that in the PRC archives we also collect many church programs – that is, the printed versions. Our First PRC in Grand Rapids used to have many such music programs (entire oratorios, in fact), in part because of her size and thus in part because of the musical talent in her midst. She also had the Radio Choir (connected with the Reformed Witness Hour program), which produced her own programs and also sponsored others (cf. below).

In looking up a folder in one of First’s boxes in the archives, I found these miscellaneous programs, which I share with you today. It will give you a sense of the variety of music programs she once prepared and hosted. Undoubtedly, you will also recognize a few names. 🙂


1stprc-gr-programs_00031stprc-gr-programs_00041stprc-gr-programs_0005And, I might add, though she is considerably smaller today then she was in her prime (one of the largest Reformed congregations in the U.S.), First PRC still has terrific musical talent in her midst – evident from the fine programs she still hosts.



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