AbeBooks’ Most Expensive Sales of 2016

As is their custom this time of year, the people at AbeBooks have posted their most expensive book sales for 2016. You might be surprised to see what led the way.

Do you have a rare edition of a classic lying around the house? Or maybe you are on the prowl at the local thrift stores? That unique item could catch you thousands!

The list includes other collectible items too, like a drawing signed by Dr. Seuss and a letter of Winston Churchhill following a rejected marriage proposal. Following their introduction below, check out the AbeBooks’ list at the link at the end.

Another year, another list of remarkable rare books, collectibles and art. We have been compiling this list of most expensive sales for many years now and it never fails to amaze. The descriptions are like mini-history lessons and each item usually has a fascinating background story about the author, illustrator, publisher, or even a previous owner.

Let’s not forget, people bought these items on the Internet. AbeBooks celebrated 20 years of business in 2016, and not many people thought that used and rare books would be one the first success stories of internet retailing when our founders started out in 1996. Many things have happened since 1996 but people still love books and beautiful things.

The only Alice that matters, the essential Mr. Dickens, the farsighted Mr. Wells, the earnest Mr. Wilde, the singular Ms. Lee, a rather sad British Bulldog, a genius called Geisel, and the one and only Pooh are all here. Enjoy the list and dream that one day one of these might be yours.

Source: AbeBooks’ Most Expensive Sales of 2016

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