Martin Luther, Bold Reformer

bold-reformer-steeleOne of the easier reads I am taking in during this year of celebrating the 500th anniversary of the great Reformation is Bold Reformer: Celebrating the Gospel-Centered Convictions of Martin Luther by David S. Steele.

In the introduction Steele sets the tone for the book with sections on “The Shape of the Bold Reformer,” “A Bold Reformer in Wittenberg,” and “A Bold Reformer for the World.” In that last section he states this by way of summary:

Martin Luther was a bold man. And a bold man, by definition, takes risks.A bold person is confident and courageous, willing to put his neck on the line. A bold person influences people and helps fan the flames of God’s glory. In Luther’s case, his bold influence was felt around the world and continues to shake the foundations of thinking people.

But Luther was committed to more than mere boldness. He was a bold reformer. By definition, a reformer is a catalyst to bring change. Reformers not only see God’s desired future, they actually help create it. A reformer is not content with the status quo. A reformer has a heart for God and his people. A reformer sets the world on fire!

A fearless man of courage and conviction, Martin Luther was unstoppable. He was molded by truth, convicted by truth, and changed by truth. Luther was tempered by the truth and transformed by the truth. He walked in the light and exposed the darkness, and he was unwilling to cower before men. He stood courageously before the most powerful men in the world, and he was unwilling to capitulate. He absolutely refused to compromise. This sixteenth-century man was a portrait of courage, a man driven by biblical conviction and compelled to spread it far and wide. indeed, Martin Luther was a bold reformer for the world (Kindle version).

Look for more of this in the months ahead. And at Amazon, I see the Kindle price is still only $2.99.