ACL Conference Experiences

While I have been somewhat coming and going to the Christian librarians’ conference at Cornerstone University this week, I have been able to take in most of the major sessions.

Yesterday’s keynote speech by Steven Bell of Temple University was quite different than I expected but still profitable. His presentation focused on making our libraries a better experience for patrons. He laid out 5 qualities of a good user experience :

  1. Engagement,  that is, being polite, caring, and genuinely interested in helping people.
  2. Executional excellence, that is, knowing our library stuff and being qualified to do our job to the best of our ability, so that we deliver excellence in all we do.
  3. Brand experience,  by which he means having an appealing design and atmosphere in our libraries.
  4. Expediting, serving well to save people time.
  5. Problem recovery, that is, being efficient in solving issues patrons have.

Bell’s presentation was interspersed with video clips, slides, and personal stories, making it interesting and practical.

I have also enjoyed and benefited from sessions on e-resources, starting a seminary librarians’ group in ACL, developing a framework for information literacy, and the CL Consortium  (sharing resources, etc.).

Yesterday I took two new out-of-town librarian friends from Liberty University to Eerdmans bookstore for part of the afternoon, which was quite enjoyable, even if I had been there in the last month. 🙂

Today was vendor day, so we had the chance to visit with publishing people and library service reps. And some of our fellow librarians had displays of special projects they had worked on, such as this one by Erinn H. from Grace Bible College (Wyoming, MI), who did a history of Christian book publishing here in Grand Rapids.

Cornerstone had been a wonderful host, providing great venues and excellent food.
They even have a special welcome display in Miller library for us.

After dinner tonight there is a special “solo” librarians meeting, which I am also anticipating with eagerness. Probably the biggest benefit of the ACL conference has been networking with these new colleagues. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend.

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