Book Alert! Less Than the Least: Memoirs of Cornelius Hanko

Less_Than_the_least-CHanko-2017The Reformed Free Publishing Association has just released its latest title, the second edition of the memoirs of Cornelius Hanko, former PRC minister of the Word. Less Than the Least is a The book is

The publisher gives this description on its website:

Less Than the Least is the memoirs of Rev. Cornelius Hanko’s long, fruitful life of nearly a century (1907–2005). He lived through two world wars, the Great Depression, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the rise and fall of communism, and the advent of the space age, and spanned the terms of eighteen US presidents, from Theodore Roosevelt to George W. Bush.
Son of Dutch immigrants to America, Rev. Hanko served six pastorates in five states, most notably in First Protestant Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan (1948–1964), along with Rev. Herman Hoeksema and Rev. Hubert De Wolf. Rev. Hanko poignantly describes the grief caused in the PRC by De Wolf’s heresy and schism (1953).
More than this, Less Than the Least follows Rev. Hanko from his childhood, school days, and seminary training, all the way to his retirement (1977) and beyond.
This delightful book comes complete with photos and appendices.

I was asked to write the back cover blurb and was delighted to oblige, since I was privileged to get to know Rev. C. Hanko. I wrote the following:

Humble. Godly. Faithful.

These are the three outstanding spiritual character traits that stand out in my mind when I recall from my own experience the life and ministry of Rev. C. Hanko. And that is because those spiritual marks stood out in his life and labors in the Protestant Reformed Churches.

Humility before God and his people. Rev. Hanko lived and ministered in humility because he always saw himself as a sinner saved by grace. For him, being a child of God and a minister of the word was that simple.

Godliness of heart and walk. He lived what he believed. Believing the Reformed faith with all his heart, he devoted himself to the Lord in everything he did. Godly is what he was because he lived close to his God.

Faithfulness as a believer and as a minister of the word. In the face of poverty, personal pain, and persecution he kept the faith of the pure gospel of Jesus Christ. His personal memoirs reveal these marks plainly and powerfully.

Less Than the Least is an apropos title, therefore, for Rev. Hanko’s life story. This is precisely how he saw himself. Although, we must also remember the blessed promise of our Lord: “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” (Rev.2:10b)

By God’s grace alone, this humble, godly, and faithful servant has received his Savior’s reward. May we who follow him, learn from him and follow his example, so that we too may receive that glorious reward.

Read on and be so inspired.

I might add that my wife appears in the book too. In 1975 she was part of the “World Tour of 1975” (Chapter 27) with Rev. C. Hanko and Prof. Homer C. Hoeksema and his wife, along with her friend Beth Bos (DeBoer now). Two excited but scared sixteen-year old gals literally went around the world, staying for three weeks in Singapore by themselves (with other Christians) when the PRC first made contact with the young Christians there. Here’s part of the mention of her in the beginning of that chapter:

In 1975 I took a world tour with Prof. Homer Hoeksema and his wife, Gertrude, and in the meantime did some work for the churches. We had a layover in Los Angeles. Homer and Trude left me, my granddaughter Beth Bos, and her friend Verna Klamer temporarily on another flight to visit some islands in the southern Pacific [Hawaii!].

…The next morning we took in some of the scenery, but in the early afternoon Beth and Verna had to take a plane to Hong Kong and then to Singapore, where we would meet them in about four weeks [pp258-59].

Quite a trip for those young ladies. My wife enjoyed reading that chapter and reminiscing about the good times. We still have the airmail letters we shared back and forth the six weeks we were apart, since we were dating in high school at that time.

If you are looking for an interesting and inspiring book on the life and labors of one of our beloved PRC pastors, Less Than the Least will more than satisfy. Highly recommended.

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