Seminary News – March 2018

For this next-to-last day of March 2018 we take the opportunity to bring you some news from PRC Seminary hill. It has been a long and busy month, with another large chunk of the semester completed. That included the first practice preaching sessions and mid-term exams.


We started the month with our last major snow storm – and it left a scene of beauty unmatched all Winter.


At first it was cloudy and gray, and yet, still magnificent.


But then the skies cleared and the sun broke through, and it became even more spectacular.


Even the early daffodils were confused.


But life goes on – including our Friday grilled lunches – even if two students are finishing up an exam. 🙂


And the deer reappear, only to flee when no man pursues.


This week started (8 AM Monday morning) with a special “meditation” on suffering for Christ’s sake by Prof. R. Cammenga, from seminary via Facetime to fellow Christians attending a conference in Myanmar (7 PM there) led by Rev. Titus and facilitated by John Van Baren of Hope PRC. Very special to hear the people sing Psalter #64 in Burmese and then hear Rev. Titus translate Prof.’s talk and prayer.


Then on Wednesday we were favored with the annual visit of Mrs. Jane Woudenberg’s 4th-grade class from Heritage Christian School (Hudsonville, MI).


The students heard a talk about the seminary and its purpose from Prof. R. Dykstra.


After that, they received a brief tour of the building.


And then, of course, it was time for snacks (provided by the room mothers) and fellowship.


These visits are always a highlight for faculty and students – a great encouragement, and an opportunity to perhaps kindle in the hearts of some of the young boys a desire to serve as pastors in Christ’s church. For this we labor and for this we pray.

Are YOU praying for this too?

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