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Around the world, tiny towns have made bookstores their speciality.

For our “Friday Fun” post this week, let’s do a little traveling around the world and visit some small towns that cater to bibliophiles – book lovers like you and me.

It may be cold and snowy in West Michigan (yes, it really has been that here this first week of April!), but warm and quaint spots all over the globe beckon us to quench our thirst for all things bookish.

How about that lovely little bookshop in Bredevoort, Netherlands pictured above?

Or this unique one in St.-Pierre-de-Clages, Switzerland?

Or this collection of book sellers in Kolkata, India?

Below is a part of the article by Atlas Obscura describing these culturally rich book towns. To read the full article and tour some more towns focusing on books, visit the link below.

What makes a book town?

It can’t be too big—not a city, but a genuine town, usually in a rural setting. It has to have bookshops—not one or two, but a real concentration, where a bibliophile might spend hours, even days, browsing. Usually a book town begins with a couple of secondhand bookstores and later grows to offer new books, too.

But mostly, they have a lot of books for sale.

At this point in the article, “AO” asked questions of author Alex Johnson whose book Book Towns is just out (March, 2018).

What surprises people about book towns?

I think people are surprised that there are so many around the world. When I tell people here that there are 30 or 40 around the world, they’re taken aback. It’s one of those slightly hidden things. When people pick up [my] book, they’ll be amazed at how widespread it is.

So many of your books have to do with books. It seems like you love them! Why do you keep coming back to writing books about books?

I think there’s so much to do with books, apart from reading them and enjoying them. Book lore and book history and everything around them, to do with libraries or culture, I think it centers so much of civilization. It’s the physical nature of them. It’s the smell of them. That feeling of ownership, once you’ve read it and you own it. I think books are very comforting.

Source: Book Towns Are Made for Book Lovers – Atlas Obscura

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