Jehovah’s Saved and Safe Garden Hut – Homer C. Hoeksema

redeemed-judgment-HCH-2007Salvation is the work not of men, nor of any preacher, nor of any great reformer; it is the work of Jehovah of hosts, the I AM, the unchangeable covenant Jehovah. All the hosts of heaven are his army. All the hosts of the entire creation – in the heavens, in the firmament, and in the earth, yea, even in the pit – willingly or in spite of themselves, are his battle host to accomplish his purpose.

Because this is true, Jehovah’s church is preserved in the remnant. There is no power that can accomplish anything against him. The hut in the garden of cucumbers is absolutely safe. Take comfort from that. Certainly there is a testimony against the wicked in this prophecy, but the inhabitants of the hut are the concern of Jehovah of hosts. Do not be afraid to dwell in that little hut. Never exchange that hut for the palaces and the fortresses of the world, for in that hut you are safe! Jehovah of hosts is your protector and your preserver.

Presently all the fortresses of the world and of the wicked will be totally as Sodom and Gomorrah. But the little hut in a garden of cucumbers will be changed into the everlasting tabernacle of God.

Won’t that be wonderful?

Taken from Redeemed with Judgment: Sermons on Isaiah (Vol.1) by Homer C. Hoeksema (ed. by Mark H. Hoeksema (Reformed Free Publishing Association, 2007), p.25. This is the closing to the first sermon, “The Church as a Hut in a Garden of Cucumbers,” based on Isaiah 1:8,9.