PRC Archives – 1952 PRYP’s Convention – Hull, IA


The young people took an outing to the Morrell Meat Packing plant in ?

Recently we received a small photo album from Bob and Dorothy Noorman (nee Wiersma), which contained some personal pictures taken at the 1952 PRC Young People’s Convention sponsored by Hull PRC. It is a nice collection of photos to add to our archives, and we appreciate the donation much.


A group of diligent conventioneers pouring over the convention booklet! There’s a future PRC minister in the bunch – can you find him?

Today we share these with you, hoping that you too will remember that event or recognize some of the ministers and young people in the pictures. Have fun! How many can you name? Dorothy had included most the names on the back, which is very helpful!

PRYP-Conv-1952-Hull-IA_0002This group of handsome fellas apparently traveled together out west, taking in the 1952 convention on the way. How many can you name? There’s a Veldman, a Monsma, a Pastoor, a Huizinga, and a Hanko in here!


Banquet time! I see a Doezema and a Kamminga (and Dorothy herself is in this one!). Who can you identify?

PRYP-Conv-1952-Hull-IA_0004And the entertainment for the banquet night. Recognize these horn players?

PRYP-Conv-1952-Hull-IA_0005And the next Federation Board leaders – see people you know here?

PRYP-Conv-1952-Hull-IA_0007PRYP-Conv-1952-Hull-IA_0006The convention included an outing to a park and lake in South Dakota. Any one able to identify this place and its band shell?

Thanks for your help!

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