Man Finds Thomas Jefferson in a Dumpster! (Some of His Rare Books, That Is)

Before this Friday is over, we need to take time for a “fun” item, and for that we turn to this great story that appeared this week on “Inside Edition.” It is one of those rare book tales that boggles the mind and stirs up one’s own dream of falling on such volumes.

Well, I’ve teased you with the story – the headline has given you its content. Now read on to find out what this man found in a Nevada dumpster. The full story is at the link below.

Max Brown doesn’t usually dumpster dive, but on a day in 2014, he was scavenging through a Nevada garbage bin for a community service project when he spied old 1980s-era cassette tapes.
He scooped them up, and saw underneath a pile of very old books. He gathered as many as he could, and scampered out of the receptacle as it began to rain.
Thus began a journey of many stops and starts that would ultimately connect him to people he’d never before met, and to one of the country’s founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson.

*Image courtesy of CBS News

The ancient and well-worn books sat in his South Lake Tahoe home for some six months before he and a friend carefully turned the manuscript’s fragile pages. They also found old notes and family photos.

Inside one of the books was a handwritten note: “From the library of Thomas Jefferson.” The tome was one of two volumes written by French Catholic theologian and philosopher Pierre Charron. The books were written in French. The publication date was 1621.

Source: Inside a Dumpster, California Man Finds Trove of Ancient Books Owned by Thomas Jefferson

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