Local Gospel Proclamation: “Worshiping Witnesses”

Back in October, our Faith PRC did a congregational “workshop” on personal evangelism. It was well attended and very profitable. And it generated some good discussion that night and afterwards.

I was thinking of it again today when I came across again today a helpful perspective on the role of the local congregation in evangelism I read recently in the November issue of Tabletalk.

The author, Lowell Levy, is a Presbyterian church-planter, and in his article (linked below) he approaches the subject from the viewpoint that evangelism has as its purpose not only to see sinners saved but also to see a body of worshipers formed. That leads him to point to the local church’s calling to be “worshiping witnesses” as disciples of Christ.

I will let Levy speak for himself on this idea, as he develops it at the end of the article. Good food for thought on this Sunday after we have been in God’s house of worship.

So, how do we proclaim Christ and the gospel as His worshiping witnesses?

We recognize that gospel proclamation begins in the local church. It begins with our faithful, enthusiastic participation in the body of Christ. We make public worship our highest priority in life. Remember, we are proclaiming Christ. But unless we proclaim Him as worthy of the highest place in our lives—the place of worship—our words will not penetrate jaded postmodern ears.

We commit ourselves to earnest and fervent prayer. As John Bunyan said so memorably, “We can do many things after we pray, but we can do nothing until we have prayed.” We pray for the preaching of the Word on the Lord’s Day. We pray that the Word would bear fruit in the hearts and lives of all who hear it. We pray that the Word would bear fruit in our own hearts and lives, making us more effective witnesses of Christ. We pray for opportunities to proclaim the gospel in the regular routines of daily life.

We love our neighbors as ourselves. We consider what God has done for us in Christ. We consider God’s love in causing us to hear the gospel when we were dead in our sin. And we respond to that love. We overcome the fear of man by faith. We love those in our little mission fields with the love of Jesus Christ. We invest time in them. We invite them into our homes. We invite them to church. We love them enough to speak to them of Christ.

How is any of this possible? Because Christ Himself is with us locally by His Word and Spirit: “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:20).

Source: Local Gospel Proclamation