PRC Archives: Some New/ Old Pics – Two Churches and a Minister

Hope PRC (Walker, MI) donated some pictures to the PRC archives this week (along with some documents) and we have been enjoying them at seminary.

Many are from the 1980s and include several from PRC synods (hosted by First-GR, Hope, and SW PRCs), a PR Christian School convention (at Covenant CHS in Grand Rapids, MI), Hope’s early involvement in Singapore, and a PRYP’s Convention they hosted. There are also some individual photos of ministers and churches, and it is some of these I feature here today.

The minister is easily recognized – Rev. Marinus Schipper (1906-1985). He served the Protestant Reformed congregations of Grand Haven, MI, Second (later SW) in Wyoming, MI (twice), South Holland, IL, and SE in Grand Rapids, MI. Rev. Schipper was a powerful preacher and I remember well hearing him in my home church of Hope as a young man.

But perhaps we can make you guess which church he is in in the photo to the right below.


We also have two pictures of old PRC buildings, and these we will make into a mystery photo-guess for you. Here they are – see how you do!

I have to admit, I did not recognize either of them and had to receive help from a certain professor. If I mention him, it may give away the answers. That’s the only clue you get! ๐Ÿ™‚


If you recognize them, let our readers know!

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  1. The first building is the previous location for Hull PRC. I was ther many a time during my Dordt days. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Hey, nice job, Matt! Looks like a charming, cozy building. Any other memories you wish to share?


      • Yes, Mr. Kooiker had it worse than me since he lived there but I was in my own air conditioned building in Illinois in the summer ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

        Kevin, I hope to see you in your nice air conditioned building this summer, DV.


  2. Rev. Schipper is in the old First Church on Fuller and Franklin.


  3. I think the smaller building looks like the one Loveland PRC used before their church was built.


  4. It was a cozy building. But being old, it had no A/C and was quite warm in the late spring. One story you may have heard was the custom of the young men to wait until the very last minute before filing into the front row. Although my brother Ralph and I participated in this strange but somehow-fun tradition, I donโ€™t recall finding out the origin thereof. ๐Ÿ˜


    • Mr. Medema is correct that it was warm in late spring. And by mid summer it could get downright hot in there. Especially during our 1:30 pm service!


    • If this is the old school house in which we worshiped before the Loveland church was built, it looks pretty shabby. The picture must have been taken from behind the building. I don’t recall that young men waited until the last minute, then coming in and sitting in the front row. It may have been a Dutch tradition. In the German Reformed Church, the catechumens sat in front. Our minister would require us to stand and recite the answers to the questions in the Heidelberg Catechism. We looked forward to the shorter Lord’s Days. At age 14, we were confirmed and we’re communicant members. After confirmation the boys sat with their fathers and the girls sat with their mothers.


      • Thanks for the great comment, Vern – very interesting customs in your German tradition. I believe the other men (Matt M and Kevin K) were talking about Hull PRC and their memories of attending in that other church building featured in this post.


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